The Crushed Horns and Hooves (CHH) used for the production of this product are derived from healthy Cattle slaughtered in government approved abattoirs and certified fit for human consumption. The CHH were dried for minimum 45 days at an average temperature of  20 degree Celsius. After drying, they were granulated with rotating knife mill to produce granules in size 1 – 6 mm. The CHH are heated for one hour at 80 degrees Celsius to the core to sterilise them before packing in 2 kg bags.

CHH are excellent sources of slow-release fertiliser containing minimum 13% organic nitrogen which is an important part of the compound that regulate plant healthy growth and development. CHH as soil improver have residual effect from previous application thereby, making use of the minor nutrients that may remain in the soil to bring beneficial results to the crops.


To get a good result from this product, please use 100 grammes per square meter and dig well into the ground. 




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